Pubg mobile update 0.9 New Features, Release date & Night mode

September was a great month for pubg players because they got 0.8.0 update and the most awaited sanhok map was launched on pubg mobile but now its October and pubg has launched its 0.9.0 update on the beta platform for testing. So, if you are searching for what will be new in the update you will get full details here so let’s start.

What’s new in pubg 0.9 update

  • FPP Driving

As you all were waiting to experience FPP Driving in mobile so the wait is over you are going to get this feature in the update.

Pubg mobile FPP Driving


  • Night Mode

This is what we want and now we are going to get the Night Mode but Playing in night mode doesn’t mean that you will be playing in dark. When the game starts you will see gray Clouds like an evening in the waiting area sky and then the game starts when you jump out of the plane it will be day and sunshine. But when the Alive count            touches 50 players that’s where it starts getting dark and until 11 players alive it will be dark as soon as the 11th            player got killed you will listen a cock crowing and the sun will rise within 1 minute and it will be a day again and        then there will be sounds of sparrow tweeting in the morning. And For surviving in night mode you have to find night vision goggles which you can enable in the night and can see everything easily and it will be disabled with the first light of morning.

PUBG Mobile 0.9 night mode


  • New scooter and pickup truck

New scooter and a Ronnie pickup truck are added in the game but they both will be only available in sanhok. So, if you want to experience riding them then you have to play in sanhok. And not only this from this Update all the vehicles will have a Radio which you can turn on/off from vehicle controls.

pubg mobile 0.9 Scooter and truck


  • Competitive mode

Especially, designed for pro players because in this mode there will be no bots all 100 players will be real players and not only this you have to do everything manually like opening/closing door, gun reloading, picking up bullets or other equipments. Each and everything you have to do manually Developer did this just to make the game quite difficult.

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  • New guns QBU and M762

New guns have been added and in the game which will use 5.56 and 7.26ammo and can give a good damage to the enemy.

Pubg Update 0.9.0 New gun

pubh update 0.9 new gun

  • Some other enhancements and bugfixes
    1. Vehicle sounds have been optimized and improved.
    2. Body damage has been slightly reduced.
    3. Players cannot sprint for  long distances.
    4. Menu and results screen bugs have been fixed.
    5. Optimized connection issues.
    6.Some Other minor bug fixes.

Pubg mobile 0.9.0 Update release date

We can’t say that it will release on which day but yes it has been released on the beta version and testing has been done so maybe in last week of October or in the first week of November the new update will be launched.

Final words

Please share this article with your friends and family anyone who plays pubg and don’t forget to subscribe and bookmark our website to get more updates on pubg. Until the new update rolls out make sure to level up because this time like the last update all rankings will fall down again and you have to play again to get on crown or conqueror. So, be ready guys Play pubg and have a ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’

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