Pubg Mobile Update 0.9.5, New Features & Release Date

Pubg is a name which doesn’t need an introduction in the gaming industry as it is a game which is played by all age groups from all around the world. So Last month on October 25 Tencent Games Released Pubg mobile Version 0.9 with new features like night mode, FPP driving and many more. People really enjoyed this update but its November now its to release another update as the Royale pass season 3 has come to an end on 18 November and now pubg creators has some new features to give us. So if you were looking for what’s coming in the new update you will get all the details here so let’s start with the very first feature.

What’s new in pubg 0.9.5 update

  • Hardcore mode

The Hardcore Mode aka Competetive mode for which we’ve all been waiting for is coming and it will be only available in Erangel and in this mode from picking up guns to opening doors each and everything is manual no auto pickup. This means you have to open and close doors manually, Pick up gun and ammo and Reload the gun manually no auto reload and to make this mode more difficult there will be no footprints and no gunshot marks which means no visual on minimap you have to find the enemy or the direction from which enemy is firing. And not only this there will be no bots in hardcore modes which means all 100 players are real players and you really have to be a pro to get a chicken dinner in this mode.

Pubg 9.5 Update new features

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  • New Gun Beryl M762

Now the Dp-28 and Akm has a new competition because creators have added another gun which is the Beryl M762 it will equip 7.62 ammo and it has more damage rating then Akm and Dp-28 and you can find this gun anywhere in houses. So let’s see how this gun performs ove the new update rolls out.

Pubg 9.5 Update new gun


  • Royale Pass Season 4

The Royale Pass Season 3 which was released on Aug 22 and it has come to an end on 18 Nov so now the new royale pass is also coming with the update and we are also waiting for the new missions and rewards that we are going to get in the new season and like previous royale pass where you get 25 RP points for a mission but in this new season you will get 50 RP points per mission in the normal RP missions and if you purchase the Elite pass you will get 100 RP points per missions.

Royale pass Season 4


  • Rainy Weather 

Rainy weather has also been added in the new update but you will see this in only sanhok as it is available only in sanhok.


Pubg new update 0.9.5

Pubg mobile 0.9.5 Update release date

It is confirmed that the PUBG Mobile update and Season 4 will be rolled out on November 20, but for the players from UK, it will launch on 21 November because of the timezone. The update will be rolled out around 2 am GMT. But maybe for some changes or some change in plan, there could be a delay in the update but let’s hope it should release on 20 November.

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Final words

Please share this article with your friends who plays pubg and don’t forget to bookmark our website to get more updates on pubg. Until the new update rolls out make sure to level up because this time like the last update all rankings will fall down again and you have to play again to get on crown or conqueror. So, be ready guys Play pubg and have a ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’.


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