Navaratri 2019 Nine (9) Goddess Name & Dress Colours Day Wise

Navratri 2019 Nine Goddess Name: Navaratri is a festival of nine nights and is also spelled as Navratri, Navarathri. Navaratri is a Sanskrit word which refers to (NAVA-NINE  RATRI-NIGHT ). Navaratri is celebrated for nine nights but in two different ways. The first one is Durga Puja as Goddess Durga battled and won over the demon buffalo MAHISHASURA and to celebrate her victory people from east and northeast India worships Goddess Durga for nine nights. And the second is related to Lord Rama who killed the demon king Ravana on Vijayadashami(The last day of Navaratri)and to celebrate his victory peoples of northern and western India as RAMA LILA for nine days and DUSSEHRA on the 10th day which is also known as Vijayadashami. These are the two ways in which Navaratri is celebrated and the common reason to celebrate Navaratri is the battle and victory of good over evil.

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4 Types OF Navaratri 

According to Vaishnava and Shakta Puranas, Navaratri falls four times in a year and the names and timings are as follow-

MAGHA NAVARATRIFalls in the month (January-February)and the fifth day of this Navratri is also celebrated as Basant Panchami which refers to the start of spring according to Hindu tradition. On this, the Goddess of art Saraswati is revered through kite flying, music, and arts.

VASANTA NAVARATRIFalls post winter in the month (March-April)it was named after Vasanta(Springs)and it is the second most celebrated Navaratri.

ASHADA NAVARATRIFalls in the month (June-July)when the monsoon starts.

SHARADA NAVARATRIFalls Post monsoon in the month(September-October)and it is the most celebrated among all four Navaratri and it was named after Sharada(Autumn).

Among these Navaratris ‘VASANTA NAVARATRI’ and ‘SHARADA NAVARATRI’ is celebrated by the country but the other two ‘ASHADA NAVARATRI’ and ‘MAGHA NAVARATRI’ are just observed regionally and individually.


Navratri Nine Days Goddess Names

Every day of Navratri is associated with an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

DAY 1-Goddess Shailaputri  (Shaila-mountain Putri-daughter) that means daughter of the mountain. She was an embodiment of Parvati and worshipped as a consort of Shiva and in she is depicted as riding a bull with a lotus in her left hand and a Trishul in her right. She is also considered as a direct incarnation of Mahakali.

DAY 2-Goddess Brahmcharini depicted as walking barefoot with a kamandal and a japamala in her hands. She is another incarnation of Parvati in which she made herself sati and unmarried self.

DAY 3– Goddess Chandraghanta another incarnation of Parvati in which she adorned her forehead with half Chandra which means lit moon.

DAY 4-Goddess Kushmunda is the worshiped as the creative power of the universe and depicted as a sitting on a tiger and having eight arms. She is associated with the vegetation grown on earth.

DAY 5-Goddess Skandmata is depicted riding a lion and having four arms with holding her baby in her hands.

DAY 6-Goddess Katyayani is an incarnation of Durga also known as the warrior goddess and she is the most violent form of goddess Parvati and she is depicted as riding a lion and four hands.

DAY 7-Goddess kalaratri is the most fierce form of goddess Durga and it is believed that Parvati removed her fair skin to kill the demon brother sumbh and nisumbh.

DAY 8– Goddess Mahagauri is associated with intelligence and peace.

DAY 9-The last day which is also known as Navami people worship Goddess Sidhidatri and she is depicted as sitting on a lotus and has four hands, she posses all sidhis (arts)also known as Goddess Saraswati.

Navratri Date

Final words

Navaratri is the festival which is celebrated by not only hindus it is also celebrated by different religions in India. Over the course of the nine days, the Mother Goddess (Goddess Durga the incarnation of Goddess Parvati) is worshiped in her various forms. The worship which is accompanied by fasting takes place in the mornings and evenings are for arts and dancing. 



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