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Player unknown’s battleground also known as ‘PUBG’ which is directed and designed by Brendan Greene, released on 20 Dec 2017 by Pubg corporation. In the game 100 unknown players lands on an island by parachute and search for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves and the last man standing wins the game. It has become a tremendous hit and has over 100 million active users and 500 million total user on pc version and about 180 million total users of the mobile version. It became a hit because Pubg presented a new type of gameplay that could be easily adapted by players of any age and any skill level.

 Pubg Funny Images

Well if you are successful you’ll have praisers as well as teasers and if something is doing well or it is getting popular it starts getting teasers more than praises and people start making memes and trolls about it. So it has lots of memes and trolls on it and they are becoming very popular among pubg users and if you are a pubg player you must see these hilarious memes that are getting popular these days.




Pubg Memes





Pubg Funny Trolls






Pubg Funny Pics












Final words-

According to me, PUBG is a game where people can either play and chat with their friends or can make new friends from all over the world. And as per new statistics pubg is now worlds no.1 online game and no game can grab this title from pubg because pubg is being played by people aged from 14 to 58yrs so I don’t think there can be a game that can be easily adaptable by all age groups that’s why its number 1 and it will be number 1. Now go and enjoy your ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’.


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