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Tips To Trouble Shoot A Security Camera

Every at times you might end up ready the place one in every of your safety cameras has stopped working. Maybe you got the digital camera used or perhaps one in every of your lengthy trusted cameras has malfunctioned. Whatever the case could also be; there are a couple of steps you possibly can take to find out whether or not the issue is along with your digital camera or another element within the system.

Tips To Trouble Shoot A Security Camera
Tips To Trouble Shoot A Security Camera

Useful Items To Have

If you have a secondary cctv camera that’s functioning, you possibly can most likely get the next elements from it; in any other case, you will have to do some looking out.

1. A secondary take a look at the digital cameras.
2. A secondary video cable.
3. A secondary energy supply/cable.
4. A voltage meter (For Installers & Surveillance Professionals).

Swap The Camera (If Possible)

If you have a secondary digital camera on the system that’s working; A fast take a look at is to swap it out with the malfunctioning digital camera. If it would not work, then you possibly can assume the issue lies within the connectivity elements. If it does work nonetheless; you might be a lifeless safety digital camera.

Test Your Power

The first connectivity takes a look at it’s best to do is to check to see in case your energy is working. If your digital camera has an influence indicator gentle, it’s best to be sure that is on. If it is not or if it would not have one; it would be best to take secondary energy to provide / cable and connect it to the digital camera to see in case you get any energy. If you’ve energy now; you’ve decided that your energy cable and or provide have gone unhealthy.

On a facet be aware if this can be a new digital camera you may additionally wish to ensure you have the right energy provider. Be it 12V, 24V or no matter; in case you do not need the right voltage you might not be capable to energy up your digital camera, or you might run the danger of overloading it and frying the elements.

Test Your Video

As you probably did with the ability cable; it would be best to swap out your video cable with a secondary one to check if the cable has gone unhealthy. Also if you’re connecting to a monitor or a DVR; it might be a smart thought to modify which port you might be connecting to, this manner you possibly can decide in case your video port has gone unhealthy.

Voltage Test (For Installers / Technologically Adept People)

If you have a voltage meter at your disposal and you’ve got decided that one in every one of your cables has gone unhealthy; you could possibly repair it. By utilizing the voltage meter you possibly can decide if solely a small part of your cable has gone unhealthy. If that is the case you could possibly reduce out that piece of cable and splice the cable again collectively your self. This is usually a considerably difficult course for some as it might contain crimping on new connectors or splicing two cable ends collectively.

If you do not really feel comfy fixing your personal cctv cables; it might be a smart thought to purchase a brand new pre-made cable or have an expert do it.


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